Towards sustainable and efficient use of world's natural resources
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Title : Democracy, decentralization, development and local good governance in asia: proceedings of 3rd UCLG-ASPAC annuaal seminar on "impact of global economic crisis in asia pacific" executive bureau & council meetings
Author/s : Laminchhane, Hem Raj., (Ed.)
Edition : Kathmandu
Published : Association of District Development Committees of Nepal (ADDCN): 2009, xi, 119p.
Description : 352(5)(08)
Series Note:
Call No : GR14828 C
Title : Forest Types of India Nepal and Bhutan
Editor : Negi, S.S
Published : New Delhi, Periodical Expert Book Agency
Description : 1989
Series Note: 322p.
Accession No.: GR13116 C
Title : List of cane sugar factories: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, & Sri Lanka and distilleries in India, Bhutan and Nepal Season 2006-2007
Author/s : The Sugar Technologists' Association of India
Edition : New Delhi
Published : The Sugar Technologists' Association of India: 2007, lxxii, 492 p.
Series Note: 9372 C
Title : Conservation Assessment & Management Plan Workshop Report: selected medicinal plant species of Nepal
Editor : Tandon, Vinay
Edition : Ved, DK
Published : Pokhara, Nepal, International Development Research Center (IDRC)
Description : 2001
Series Note: 197p.
Accession No.: GR13115 C
Title : Impact of Climate Change on Himalayan Glaciers and Glacial Lakes: Case Studies on GLOF and Associated Hazards in Nepal and Bhutan
Author/s : Bajracharya, Ratna Samjwal
Editor : Mool, Kumar Pradeep
Published : Nepal: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, 2007
Description : 119p.
Accession No.: GR12889 C
GR13399 C
Title : Hydrology, glaciology and meteorology of Nepal
Author/s : Shrestha, Madan Lall., (Ed.)
Editor : Rajbhandari, Rupak., (Ed.)
Published : Kathmandu: UNESCO-IHP, 2006
Description : iii,: 109p.
GR11392 C
Title : Incorporating Grounwater Irrigation: technology Dynamics and conjunctive water management in the Nepal Trai
Author/s : Gautam,Suman Rimal
Published : Hyderabad: Orient Longman, 2006
Description : 232 p.
Call No : 626.811
GR11761 C
Title : European Union and India Partners in Progress
Author/s : Alessandro, Palumbo...(ed)
Published : New Delhi: Ambassador Francisco da Camara Gomes, Delegation of the European Union to India, Nepal and Bhutan, 2006
Description : 52 p.
Title : Hotels & resorts guide: India, Nepal & Sri Lanka 2005
Author/s : Ashu Publications
Published : New Delhi: Ashu Publications, 2005
Description : vp
Accession No.: 8023 C
Title : Democratising micro-hydel: Structures, systems and agents in adaptive technology in the hills of Nepal
Author/s : Regmi, Amreeta
Published : New Delhi: Orient Longman Pvt Ltd, 2004
Description : 307 pp.
Accession No.: 7653 C
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